Northern LGPS Stewardship Day 2019

Councillor Paul Doughty

Over seventy delegates recently attended the inaugural Northern LGPS Stewardship Day at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool.

The event, chaired by Councillor Paul Doughty (pictured above), was attended by councillors, council staff involved with Northern LGPS, trade union representatives and others. The event saw Northern LGPS launch its Responsible Investment Policy and set out its approach to stewardship.

James Bloodworth

One of the event highlights of the day was a speech by the journalist James Bloodworth (pictured above) who spoke about his experiences of poor working conditions in low-wage jobs in the UK which form the basis of his book, 'Hired: Six Months Undercover in Low-Wage Britain’.

Northern LGPS has committed to make employment standards one of the themes it will address in its responsible investment activities, along with climate change, corporate governance and financial reporting and other ESG issues.

Alan MacDougall

Bob Holloway, Pensions Secretary for the Local Government Association spoke to delegates about regulatory changes affecting the Northern LGPS. Other speakers, included Alan MacDougall from PIRC Limited (pictured above) who discussed corporate governance, research and proxy voting services for the three pension funds which make up Northern LGPS.