Voting records

Northern LGPS publically discloses its proxy voting at AGMs and EGMs of the companies in the Pool's portfolios.

It has adopted the PIRC Shareowner Voting Guidelines. PIRC considers the following factors in presenting voting recommendations to its client:
  • The board's explanation for the proposal including any departure from good practice
  • Board assurances on positive changes
  • Potential impact of oppose votes on corporate structure (and likelihood of occurrence)
  • The materiality of any concern and timescales involved and opportunities for further votes on the issue in the future
  • Market implications from any precedent created.
The guidelines cover the following issues:
  • Report and accounts, audit and financial controls
  • The Board
  • Shareowner rights, capital stewardship and corporate actions
  • Corporate structure and transactions
  • Directors' remuneration
  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility report.
You can search Northern LGPS's voting records by accessing the PIRC online voting disclosure site.  To use the disclosure site, please click on the below.