GLIL Infrastructure acquires a minority interest in Semperian PPP Investment Partners Holdings Limited

The £1.275 billion GLIL Infrastructure fund (GLIL) today announces it has invested £106 million into Semperian PPP Investment Partners Holdings Limited (Semperian), the social infrastructure company, acquiring a minority shareholding. The investment gives GLIL’s investors access to Semperian’s large and diversified portfolio of mature, operating infrastructure assets within the social infrastructure sector.
These are predominantly located within the UK, with government backed and inflation linked cash flow streams. Semperian has investments in 92 assets, comprising of 2.8 million square metres of accommodation, 15,000 hospital beds, 1,600 car parking spaces, 163 schools and 508km of road.
The news follows GLIL’s announcement in April 2018 that the fund had re-launched under a regulated structure – an Alternative Investment Fund, to bring the benefits of its leading infrastructure investing capabilities to a wider range of investment partners, following strong growth in the three years since its launch.
GLIL’s successful track record is based around a collaborative partnership between like-minded institutions in the local government pensions sector, with a common interest in increasing exposure to UK infrastructure and delivering long-term returns.
Jonathan Ord, Investment Director, GLIL said, “GLIL is very pleased to be able to make this investment into Semperian, acquiring a portfolio of mature assets and helping to provide capital for the future growth of the company. The business is well established, with a track record of successfully owning and operating social infrastructure assets, backed by strong and stable cash flows.”
Andrew Rhodes, Chief Investment Officer, Semperian, said, “We are extremely pleased to welcome GLIL as an investment partner. Their ambition is to be a long term investor, accessing mature infrastructure assets, owned and managed by experienced professionals. These aims are aligned with the objectives of our business and we look forward to working with them.”