Northern Private Equity Pool LP holdings as at 31/03/2019

Note 1
Note: This document and the information it contains are the Copyright of Northern LGPS.  Reproduction or use of this material is not permitted without the express prior written consent of the copyright holder and, where consent is granted, the data should not be passed to any third party other than in its entirety, including this and all other notes and disclaimers.
Funds (as at 31/03/2019) Currency Commitment Cumulative Drawdowns Cumulative Distributions Valuation Vintage Year
    (m) (m) (m) (m)  
HarbourVest Co-Investment V USD 100.00 - - (1.58) 2018
Triton V EUR 60.00 - - (0.71) 2018
Warburg Pincus Global Growth USD 90.00 1.08 - 0.79 2018
AEA Investors Fund VII USD 75.00 - - - 2019
Genstar Capital Partners IX USD 75.00 - - - 2019
Note 2
Notes: re commitments and valuations
Please note that the commitments detailed are shown net of cancelled commitments.
Please note that the data provided within this document :-
  • are based upon information available at the date the data was collated   Some valuations may be based upon valuations relating to dates prior to the valuation point adjusted for subsequent cash flows (where appropriate).  Thus, the valuation may not accurately reflect the underlying assets of a fund at the valuation point. 
  • rely on the valuations provided by General Partners/Managers of the underlying funds or fund of funds, which are not verified by Northern LGPS and which may not be particularly accurate forecasts of realisable value.